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"The famous English architect William Kent presumably designed an abundantly decorated baby carriage for the children of the Third Duke of Devonshire in 1733."



These children's carriages were only suitable for children who could already sit.
Only in 1852 did James Simpson (founder of Simpson, Fawcett & Co) had the idea of cutting a barrel in half from top to bottom, joining the two pieces together with a board and covering it with a cloth. With this he made a pram in which the (especially small) children could lie. As a result, the small children could also be taken outdoors. This building style was therefore quickly embraced by the public.

Enthusiasts, interested people or people looking for information about old prams and / or dolls prams can indulge here. You will find here a number of the prams and dolls prams that we had.

Tips for cleaning or maintaining your own nostalgic pram.
And a lot of information from our prams and about the various brands.

You can also order tyres, straps, mattresses.
In addition, we provide information about the restorations of these beloved old prams.

In short, too many to list. Choose from the menus and enjoy all the beauty.

We offer very good used prams through our website:


Door het, door middel van foto´s, presenteren van onze kinderwagens en het verzamelen van achtergrondinformatie over de merken hopen wij een stukje geschiedenis te delen en waarborgen voor de toekomst. Een soort online kinderwagen museum dus. Dit als aanvulling van het Poppen- & Kinderwagen Museum
Hoewel onze persoonlijke voorkeur ligt bij kinderwagens uit de periode ca. 1930 - ca. 1980, zullen wij voor het museum ook poppenwagens, kinderwagens en gegevens verzamelen van buiten deze periode.
Wij vragen dan ook iedereen die een bijdrage kan leveren door middel van oude foto´s, folders (met typenummers of -naam en liefst met jaartal) of andere relevante informatie over een poppenwagen of kinderwagen, contact op te nemen.

Pram parades.

We organize parades with old and antique prams and doll prams about five times a year. We have created a separate website for this:
Do you have a suitable pram yourself (until around 1980) and do you want to be able to show it unabashedly with like-minded people, OR do you not have a pram but do you also want to walk along, OR do you want your (grand) daughter to be able to walk with us with a doll's pram? Then check out the parade website!
The atmosphere is always great and with a beautiful doll pram or full-size pram you are guaranteed to have a good time. Many photos are always taken.

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