The company was started by Albert Henry Greenwood in 1921.
The Full-size prams and dolls' prams are handcrafted by "Greenwood & Co. Ltd.", Lincoln Street, Old Basford, Nottingham.
Over time, the name has been changed several times. Originally founded as "Greenwood and Notman, then Greenwood & Co., Premier Works and from 1926 finally Fatha-Lite, a corruption of Feather Light, it was believed that the prams ran that well.
In 1934 the company became a Limited Company (Ltd), private limited company (BV). The company existed until 1981.

The descendants of the Greenwood family, the original owners of Fetha-Lite, have started their own website where they publish information about the brand: Fetha-Lite website.
We have also used this website as a source for our information.

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