The cleaning corner

How to clean the prams.

Prams should of course be clean, especially if they will be used (again) for babies. We regularly receive questions about cleaning prams that have not been used for some time. Of course the same applies to dolls prams.
That's why we put everything in order here.

The hood and the body

The hood and container, both inside and outside, can be cleaned with Dasty (degreaser) and a 'miracle sponge' (available from the Action, among others).

Chrome parts

The chrome parts and the spokes are easy to clean with steel shavings (amongst others available from the Action) with a solution of cleaning vinegar (not to be too economical with it) with a dash of concentrated white wash detergent in water. Do not use steel wool for this because it works less and scratches more!


De tyres/tires

You can get the tires clean again by putting the wheels in a white wash detergent for 5 minutes. Than you can wipe them off with a miracle sponge. If the wheels cannot be removed, cleaning must be done on the pram. Put the wheels one by one in a tub or container and then turn a little bit each time.

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