French prams.

Comfortable-F, Terrot/Magnat-Debon, Morellet Guérineau etc.

On these pages we try to capture and share as much information as possible about the background and the model overview of the various French Brands.

French prams are generally characterized by their unique techniques.

If you click on the brand name then you get a historical overview, as far as we know. If there are any remarks or remarks, or additions to this data, we would like to hear this via e-mail and we will adjust or add this.

If you click on the pram models next to the brand, you can view the photos of the various models that we have extracted from the brochures. These overviews are far from complete and we hope to obtain more brochures, physically or digitally.



Some pages may load a little slow due to the large amount of photos and / or information.
The prams are not listed in order in the list.



Pram models

La Reine


Pram models

Morellet Guérineau


Pram models

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