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English luxury prams.

Coach Built prams

As already indicated on the other pages, we mean by luxury or English prams, prams with a large (preferably painted) body and behind large and in the front smaller spoke wheels. In Great Britain, one speaks of a "coach built pram" or a "vintage pram". A lover and / or collector is called a "prammie". Various prammies are active in various groups on Facebook, we also have a group: Facebook.

Our prams

Below are the pictures of the various prams we have or have had. If you click on the photo, the photo is displayed enlarged. We have added as much information as possible to us. Some prams have already been restored, others still have to be refurbished.

If you are looking for information about a particular pram, please send an email, preferably with a photo or photos. We always try to answer.


Koelstra This is the pram that our children have been in. The pram was originally burgundy but after being damaged we restored it to blue.
Wilson Egremont We have restored this pram and we still regularly take it with us for our parades.
Patria We have restored this pram completely manually.
Jonkers Elizabeth This was the first pram we bought in 2008, when we started with Luxury prams. The pram is still in its original state.
Marmet Queen With the exception of the body, we have completely restored this distinguished English pram.
Gothic This Mutsaerts pram was in a too poor condition to restore, so we made it into a theme pram. The pram is equipped with LED lighting on the sides and under the body. We own this pram again.
Van Delft No. 840 (twins pram) We also regularly take this Van Delft twin pram for our parades.
Marmet M29 (1939) This pram was owned by the Philips family (of Philips lightning) who brought it from London to the Netherlands after the war.
Mutsaerts (twins pram) This twin pram was restored by us after purchase and sold. After about 2 years we have bought this pram back (now from another owner) and restored again. The pram was then sold to Berlin (D).
Marmet Imperial We have completely restored this pram.
Koelstra, Classique 574 L This pram is no longer in our possession.
Silver Cross Tenby The Tenby is perhaps the best known model of Silver Cross. We have now sold this pram, after restoration.
Geta This pram was made by GEbroeders Tielkemeijer Amsterdam.
Van Werven Florence 161 We still have to restore this pram.
Mutsaerts Germaine We still have to restore this pram.
Magnat-Debon French pram. This pram is no longer in our possession.
Wilson Mulliner Big English pram. We still have to restore this pram.
Pedigree Valiant This model is probably the most sold Pedigree model in the Netherlands.
Van Werven No.707 Large, chic pram that 'in real life' is more beautiful than in the photo (usually the other way around).
Silver Cross Peerage We still have to restore this pram.

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