Pram brands.

Dutch and foreign

Preserve history.

Many countries have known various pram manufacturers and some even exist today. We still have Koelstra in the Netherlands, Silver Cross still exists in Great Britain, the Zekiwa brand still exists in Germany and Inglesina still exists in Italy.

On these pages we try to retrieve as much data, photos and anecdotes as possible from the different brands, arranged by country.

We are therefore always looking for brochures and yearbooks, etc., of the various brands.

If we receive data from a brand, whether or not from a country mentioned here, we will also add this data to create a reference work with the history of as many pram manufacturers as possible.

Although we try to be as accurate as possible, we cannot 100% guarantee the accuracy of the data. We depend on third-party information and verification is very difficult or even impossible.
If you encounter factual inaccuracies, please let us know so that we can correct this.

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