The parts warehouse.

New and used parts.

We have various parts, both new and used (original). You can think of straps, upholstery for the push bar, various rubbers, mudguards, hubs, wheels, different types of springs, buttons etc. This stock varies greatly and is therefore not displayed on this website. If you need something please send an email, preferably with a photo of the old part or a replacement part so that we can see if we can help you or maybe offer an alternative.

We supply straps, only harness leather, in various sizes and colors. The most common colours are natural, white and black, but other colours are also available on request. When requesting, always state the length and width, as well what it is to be used for. Preferably we also receive photos of an old belt and the attachment points.

In particular, the white upholstery of the push bar wants to discolour once in a while, to give your pram a fresh appearance again, we supply new upholstery. The most common colours are also white and black. In the photo we have moved the new upholstery (black and white) over a yellowed push rod for the colour difference, eventually the cover will adjust to the profile of the push rod.

Break pads a.o. for Silver Cross pams

Original rubbers are unfortunately no longer available. We can deliver the illustrated rubbers.

We have various, often original, parts. Since this stock varies greatly, we cannot display everything here. If you need anything, send an e-mail, preferably with a photo.

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