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Full size pram tyres and dolls pram tyres.


  1. You can order the tyres from us and have them sent to you.
    We will send you a quote and after receiving the payment we will send the tyres within 2 weeks. You can then assemble it yourself
  2. You can order the tyires from us and send the wheels(clean, without residues of the old tyres) to us.
    Upon receipt of the wheels and payment, we will return the wheels with the fitted tyres within 2 weeks. We only charge 5.00 Euro for assembly
  3. You can order the tyres from us and make an appointment to come along with the wheels and / or the pram to assemble the tyres. You can then wait for it and take it back immediately. We only charge 5.00 Euro for assembly
  4. The delivery time is approximately 2 weeks from the moment the payment is credited to our account.

Payment can be made via bank transfer, PayPal or cash.


We would like to receive the following information for making a quotation:

    • The dimensions of the rims, so without the tyre. Diameter and width (in cm.), see explanation at the pictures below. Sizes mentioned on the old tyres or dimensions of the old tyres are of no use.
    • Photos of the rim (preferably without a tyre) and the pram (the whole pram, preferably from the side). This is to determine the correct band type.
    • Number of tyres needed.
    • The method of shipment (only the tires or also the wheels) or pick up.

Note: We do not have pneumatic tyres or wide (foam) tyres for modern prams!


To determine the correct tire size, we need the outer diameter (D) of the rims (so, without the tyres).
In addition, we need the outside width (B) and, if possible, the inside width (C) of the rim.
All sizes in cm. or mm.!

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D Diameter rim
B Outer-width rim
C Inner-width rim

Mounting the tires.

Fitting the tyres is easiest with 2 people.
If necessary: put the tyres, if necessary rolled up and tied together with two strings, in a pan with warm (approx. 70 ° C.) water and leave them there for about 6 minutes.

After this the rubber is much smoother and the tyre can be placed in the rim, start with the weld. (first dry the tyre as well as possible)
Have one person hold the tyre in place and the other person lay the tyre down. The smaller the tyre, the harder it can be to rearrange.
Make sure that the tyre is correctly positioned on the rim, as long as it is still hot it can still be turned on the rim.

To prevent discoloration of the weld seam you can rub the weld with Vaseline and then put shrink-wrap (household foil) around it before putting the tires in the water. Before mounting, remove the foil and wipe the Vaseline as well as possible.

Remove the old tires

There are more ways to achieve this, but we remove most old tires this way.

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