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Information about our restorations

Restoring vintage prams

In principle, we prefer to restore the prams to as original a condition as possible. If a pram is nice in terms of model, but we cannot or do not want to return it to its original state, we would also like to enhance it (see the gothic car 08-007). Doll prams for little doll mothers who are going to play with them again, we pimp more often and possibly we can personalize them with a name or initials.

With wooden bodies, keep in mind that it can contain woodworm!
If there are indications of active woodworm, we will not accept the assignment.

Below we will show some photo series of restorations that we have carried out. We restore both our own prams and others' prams. For a quotation, send a few photos, including a photo of the entire pram. We have metal parts and bodies powder coated or chromed if necessary. The wooden bodies are painted. It is of course also possible that you yourself perform certain (paint) activities. For covering the hoods and the rain cover, we use the material from yacht building as much as possible, especially since this is light resistant (UV-resistant), so it hardly or never discolours.

Powder coating

Powder coating is an electrostatic dyeing process in which, with compressed air, negatively charged powder is sprayed onto a positively charged workpiece. As a result, the powder sticks temporarily to the workpiece, after which it is melted or baked in an oven. This is generally more durable than painting.

Chrome plating

Chrome plating is a meticulous job that must be done by a specialist for the best results. Partly because of the chemicals, the environmental requirements are so high that only companies can implement them. We must therefore outsource this work and therefore we must take into account waiting / delivery times of at least 2 months.

Delivery time

We do this in addition to our normal job and our time is therefore limited. So don't wait until the last moment.
We do our best to carry out assignments as quickly as possible but, just like chrome plating, we still have a considerable waiting time. Ask about this before you give an assignment.

Simonis Pram of our own, probably the biggest pram to 'normal' use made in the Netherlands.
Patria This pram we have restored all by hand.
Marmet Queen This is a pram of our own. completely restored except for the body.
French dolls pram
Gothic pram It was too expensive to restore this Mutsaerts (NL) pram so we made a theme pram of it.
Wilson Egremont A pram of our own. frequently to be used at our pram parades.
Zekiwa We did find two Zekiwa dolls prams. We have restored them identical, the only difference s are the initials.
Riemersma Dutch pram
Pedigree dolls pram Dolls pram which we have adjusted according to the client wishes.
Mutsaerts twins pram Dutch twins pram
Marmet Imperial Pram of our own. Except voor the chrome fully restored.
Koelstra Monaco Dutch pram

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